Listed below is a sampling of some of the ideas we've got to help your organization's fundraising efforts. We can customize any program to fit your needs. Many of these programs require minimum effort to get started. Call us today to see how we can help give your fundraising a BOOST!

64 oz. Mighty Mug

Great for: schools - rec programs - athletic programs - booster clubs - churches - cheerleading squads - scouts - playgrounds

How it works:

  • Select the amount of money you want to raise or the number of mugs that will work for your program
  • Sell ads & collect money
  • Send us your sponsors' ads, organization's logo & info, etc. for imprinting
  • Approve the proof and receive your mugs 2-3 weeks later
  • Sell your mugs (and don't forget to give one to each of your sponsors!)

This idea also works with t-shirts, mousepads, tumblers ... any product with space for your sponsors' ads.

Sample programs:

  • 72 Mugs - Sell 12 ads at $72 each - Collect $864 (Mugs cost $860.50)
    Give 1 Mug to each Sponsor as a thank you - Sell 60 Mugs at $8 - $10 each
    PROFIT: $488 - $603
  • 144 Mugs - Sell 12 ads at $130 each - Collect $1560 (Mugs cost $1599.10)
    Give 2 Mugs to each Sponsor as a thank you - Sell 120 Mugs at $8 - $10 each
    PROFIT: $920 - $1160

You have nothing to lose ... Sponsors' ads pay for mugs ... You sell mugs for complete profit!

Custom Calendars

Keep your organization, special cause or business in front of supporters all year long with a custom calendar.

Your calendar can feature your pictures or, perhaps, artwork created by children. Include information pages, coupons, schedules. You can even include a donation form and envelope with your calendar, saving you the cost of an additional mailing.

Use a calendar as a:

  • Incentive for donation
  • Gift to donors/supporters
  • Educational tool to keep your cause/need visible all year
  • Annual schedule for school activities

Highlight the stories of the people you've helped. Share your cause's history. Or, feature potential donor's names in your calendar's ad area, adding a personal touch that supporters won't forget.

Calendars are perfect for: School Spirit - School Year Calendars - Sports Teams - Church Groups - Non-Profit Groups - Humane Society - Libraries - Villages - and more!

Wall calendars - desk calendars - planners ... all can be customized with your pictures, company colors & logo.

New lower quantities! You can order as few as 50 fully customized calendars!

Sample company calendar done as a fundraiser

Sample calendar done for football team

Case histories for custom calendars

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