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It takes over 1.6 million yards of brown cloth and 175,000 miles of brown thread to outfit UPS’s 84,000 drivers worldwide. With that, you could circle the equator seven times. That’s a lot of thread…and a lot of brand mileage.

The UPS uniform exemplifies the power that apparel has to reinforce a brand image. But it’s more than the “brown” that makes a statement. It’s the casual, comfortable simplicity of the garments that show the delivery company to be no-nonsense and reliable -- and additionally speak to the concept of “shipping simplified,” which the company touts.

You too can reinforce your brand via apparel. Here’s how:

Let fabric play a role. Denim workshirts make sense for a rugged construction company; a fine-gauge cotton sweater better fits the image of a bank. T-shirts, of course, reflect a youth-oriented, active organization.

Step-and-repeat patterns on accessories. This creates visual interest and long-term recall by drawing attention and reinforcing memory. Ties and scarves are particularly good options for this treatment.

Select decorating techniques carefully. Embroidery makes a more upscale brand statement than a screen print. Specialty processes are a factor as well; a stain-removal brand, for example, would do well to use an imprinting method on which images disappear and reappear under certain temperature or lighting conditions. Glitter inks would be suitable for a brand that exudes glamour.

Build recognition through consistency. Try a series campaign: distribute a t-shirt one week, then a cap and, finally, a coordinating scarf. The more types of garments that your logo appears on, the more exposure it will receive. This is a great technique preceding a fundraising event like a walkathon or a large gathering such as a convention/trade show.

If you want to get busy “dressing” your brand for apparel success, just contact us via phone at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the styles, fabrics and imprinting treatments to best represent your brand.

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