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Get this: 80% of leads are not properly followed-up after a trade show. That means when you follow through with your clients post-show, you’ve already beat 80% of the competition. Make your efforts even more effective with promotional techniques that stand out and/or encourage ongoing contact and you’ll reap greater rewards from your investment.

Set up an expectation. You’ve heard of two-part mailings prior to a trade show. Consider applying the same concept to post-show efforts. You can give part of a gift when visitors arrive at your booth and set their expectation to receive the second half in a mailing after the show. This will ensure that your priority piece of mail won’t get lost among the flood that folks receive after a week away from the office. One example is a two-part foam puzzle. The first half is imprinted with the beginning sentences that highlight “$10 Gift Certificate for” or “Special early-bird offer of,” etc. The recipient won’t be able to redeem the certificate until he/she opens your follow-up letter post-show to receive the second half of the revealing puzzle.

Show clients how well you listened when they spoke with you at the trade show. Imprint notepads with your company logo. Then, have your salespeople jot a personal note to the prospect, listing two or three concepts that address the needs the prospect voiced at the booth. Mail the notepad post-show to let the prospect know they’ve been heard and you’re on the job.

Create a continuing reason to contact the prospect. For a female audience, this might be giving a charm bracelet as an incentive at the trade show that will be followed up with quarterly charms given when salespeople make in-office visits. For a gender-neutral gift, consider an etched candy jar that you refill during post-show office visits. The goal is to create a reason to pop into a prospects’ office or to have them look forward to your regular mailings.

Fulfill a special incentive. Today’s digital technology allows for some very personalized follow-through. Ask your clients to bring a photo of their office staff, child or even pet to your trade show booth. You can then scan it and promise to deliver a mug, t-shirt or other item customized with the image at a post-show sales visit.

You get the idea. Now let’s start planning. Give us a call at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail and we’ll set you ahead of 100% of the trade show competition after the booths close.

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