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Pens are the prototypical promotional product. Along with mugs and t-shirts, they’re what many buyers generally think of when they hear the words “logoed merchandise.”

So why would you opt for pens, pencils or markers when every drawer is filled with them? Simple: Everyone needs them, yet there never seems to be one around when you need it. Not only that, writing instruments tend to get “borrowed” or misplaced, so you can never have too many.

The key is selecting a writing instrument that’s both unique and useful. This makes it more likely that the recipients will hang on to it, and that means your message gets carried along for the ride. And remember that the writing instrument you select says a lot about you and how you feel about your audience. With upscale pens, for example, the message is “We care about you; you’re worth this higher-priced pen.” And rest assured that your prospects, clients or employees will always remember you as a result.  

Of course, not all writing instruments are created equal. Pencils and low-cost pens tend to be bought in bulk for massive distribution – think schools, bookstores and meetings. More upscale writing instruments are well suited for awards programs, targeted direct-mail campaigns and executive gifts. In between, you have literally thousands of choices that incorporate unique designs, colors and custom shapes.

To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, you have to know your audience. What are their needs when it comes to writing instruments? What will make your writing instrument stand out from the crowd? What kind of writing instrument are they not likely to already have? One manufacturer we work with suggests putting yourself in the recipient’s place, asking, “What kind of writing instrument would I love to have but would never buy?”

As ubiquitous as they are, pens, pencils and markers are an essential part of our daily lives and continue to be one of the most popular promotional products around. Rest assured that the right writing instrument will be used…and if this is the right product for your next promotion, we’ll make sure you select the “write” product for the job. Just give us a call at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail to pen a solution!

We hope you find this promotional concept helpful. Feel free to pass it along!

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