From the desk of... The LinJen Promotions Creative Team RE: Is It Logoable?
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Sure, we sell promotional products. But we are also promotional consultants, which means our real job is to promote your business in whatever way works best for you. And if that means putting your logo on something other than a product, so be it.

What are we talking about here? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, logos have been cropping up in some very interesting places lately. For example:

  • on sidewalks and streets
  • on money
  • in the sand at the beach
  • on people’s bodies
  • on hot-air balloons and hang-gliders
  • on cars
  • on food

To set themselves apart from the competition in an ever-more-cluttered advertising landscape, companies are getting very creative with their logos.

Using chalk or washable paint, firms have covered streets and sidewalks with their corporate insignias. Stickers have been placed on quarters left in vending machine and payphone coin returns. Sandals with logos embossed on the soles have left their mark on popular beaches. People have rented out space on their bodies and had company names and website addresses temporarily (sometimes permanently) tattooed on them. Hot-air balloons and hang-gliders have offered themselves up as airborne billboards. Cars are covered in shrink-wrap ads from bumper to bumper. Even apples and oranges can be specially “masked” so your logo grows right into them.

The point here is to think outside the box. Just call us at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail. Together we can brainstorm unique ways to showcase your company’s name and message – on products or wherever it works best.

That’s our job, and we take it seriously.

We hope you find these promotional concepts helpful. Feel free to pass them along!

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