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The average person looks at their watch or a clock more than 30 times a day. Think of the exposure you would get if your logo was on the face of that timepiece!

That’s what makes these products such popular promotional items – you just can’t beat the “cost-per-impression” (CPI) of watches and clocks. One study we read found that a basic $12 watch produced 35,000 impressions over its three-year warranty period, which works out to a CPI of roughly three-hundredths of a cent. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

Watches are traditionally thought of as service awards or executive gifts. But the array of price points and styles that are available these days is so wide that you can easily do a more broad-based promotion without busting your budget. For example, a lot of buyers who think nothing of laying out $10 or $12 for a golf shirt or windbreaker never even consider a similarly priced watch that offers at least as much (if not more) visibility, and a nice watch or clock tends to stand out because it’s not something that people receive very often.

If you go this route, you’ll need to order both men’s and women’s styles, but you can make this task easier (and make your promotion even more unique) if you ask recipients to specify which style they’d prefer. This gives you an opportunity to gather valuable information about customers and prospects; in exchange for their free watch, you can ask them to provide an e-mail address, demographic data, information on purchasing habits, etc. that can help build your database.

Clocks are just as effective, and the choices are just as numerouswall clocks, desk clocks, digital, analog, custom shapes, you name it. A stylish clock with a subtle imprint can perform its promotional task for years, imparting its message dozens of times a day to a wide audience.

Want a promotional product that will stand the test of time? Clocks and watches are alive and ticking…

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