From the desk of... The LinJen Promotions Creative Team RE: Consistency Counts in Promotional Marketing
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Imagine meeting with a potential service provider for the first time. At the conference table, as greetings are being exchanged, the vendor’s president, sales manager and customer service manager all hand you their business cards. Now imagine how you’d perceive the company if none of the cards looked alike – if different colors, fonts, or possibly logos were used.

Although this example is a bit extreme, realize that your clients and prospects expect consistency with your entity’s marketing communications and promotions. For example:

You want reliable duplication of your logo and corporate colors. These elements are the visual “calling cards” of your company. It’s important that they be replicated to perfection without even the slightest change or you’ll confuse customers, even if only subliminally. If one vendor prints your product brochures, business cards are ordered from an internet company and you turn to a third vendor to embroider staff uniforms, there’s a danger that variations will occur in how your logo is reproduced. Using one supplier for all of your promotional marketing needs ensures unswerving replication.

You want your message to be consistent. What you say and how you say it must also be regularly repeated. Experts say it takes at least three touch-points with an audience to get a message across, and that message needs to make the same statement both in words and visuals.

Let’s say you’re developing a new marketing campaign focusing on timely delivery. Your logo features a clock, which will be imprinted on your letterhead, new brochures, etc. That same image can be emblazoned on related promotional products, such as timers or stopwatches. Your new tagline reads, “Fast Delivery, Every Time.” Coordinating the distribution and, equally critical, timing of these communications and promotions are key. A single vendor managing the various elements of this campaign will ensure that the ball is never dropped – that delivery as well as image is consistent and timely.

Keep quality consistent. If you stress to your clients that your products are made of high-quality components, but your brochure is reproduced on an old ink-jet printer, then you’re undermining the product you sell by presenting an inconsistent self-image.

We’ve spent years integrating the planning and purchasing of high-tech printing, direct-mail and promotional products – from uniforms to executive gifts – to achieve consistency for our clients at every client touch-point. Give us a call at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail and we’ll make sure that your promotional marketing never sends mixed messages!

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