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There’s a wallet-sized phenomenon just begging to be your best promotional tool: digital download cards. These gift cards entice recipients to download incentives – for example, music, games, ringtones, movie tickets – while you gather valuable information to build a better customer relationship. Let us share what our experience has revealed in using these cards for clients’ promotions.

They’re versatile. All kinds of folks like to download. The Internet is a common pastime for people of all ages and education levels. In fact, 72% of U.S. adults go online daily, according to a December 2007 Pew Internet & American Life survey. Therefore, marketers with a diverse target audience can feel comfortable that choosing a download card will appeal to a wide range of personalities and age groups – particularly when recipients are given a menu from which to choose the exact reward they want.

Distribution is easy. Retailers can tuck a card into a customer’s bag at checkout. Marketers can slip one into a direct mail envelope without significant postage increases. Guerilla marketers can conveniently carry dozens of these lightweight cards around to hand out at malls, on the street or in mass transit venues. You get the idea.

They open doors to value-added programs. While download cards are a great stand-alone promotion, they also can tie into broader campaigns. For example, an incentive plan or sweepstakes that culminates in a high-priced reward could be announced via a digital download card that drives participants to a website for registering and tracking their progress. Or, tuck a branded card into the pocket of a corporate-logoed shirt or in an embossed wallet as an executive gift. Your logo gets double the exposure, plus there’s an interactive element resulting in the recipient taking an action you can track.

Capture valuable data. Once recipients land at your customized site, we can require them to fill out a short survey before receiving their download. We’ll use that information to build customer profiles and target future promotions.

There are many great ideas that apply to this powerful item – this e-newsletter hardly scratches the surface! Give us a call at 708-478-8222, send us an e-mail or visit us online at We’ll help design a card with your brand image and pinpoint the perfect download to pique your audience’s interest.

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