From the desk of... The LinJen Promotions Creative Team RE: Leverage Your Corporate Colors for Better Brand Recognition
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Color speaks volumes in corporate competition. Dark brown says UPS. Robin’s-egg blue says Tiffany. Why are these shades “owned” by these brands? Because these marketers saturate everything they use to promote their company with their corporate color.

You can use color to your advantage in a similar way with promotional products. Here’s how:

Educate employees on how to use your corporate color. First, before you can truly use color to its best effect, you must create awareness among employees as to its importance. Launch an internal color campaign that provides weekly desk accessories customized with the PMS or four-color process match of your corporate colors. With each accessory you distribute, include a rule about how the colors are to be used in promotion and/or what values or attributes the colors represent for your brand.

Dress your team in your special shade. Outfit your sales team or front-line personnel in uniforms designed in your corporate color. By having the base garment stand out in your corporate shade, rather than the color just being a part of the imprint, your staff will be much easier to recognize on a trade-show floor, at special events or in a retail setting. Again, think about the UPS uniform. You see a brown shirt and matching pants – and you know you’d better have the delivery ready for pick-up.

Saturate your marketplace with your brand color. Consider quarterly promotional mailings, each including a small gift in your corporate colors. This could be a magnet, a pen or a pocket-sized calendar. The more of your brand color that you can put in the hands of your customers, the more you increase their likelihood of creating a powerful association that is distinctly your company’s. Remember, just as in any traditional form of advertising, repetition matters.

Apply color everywhere. Whenever it’s time to order new supplies or office accoutrements, check to see if the item is available in (or can be customized with) your corporate color. Sure, this might add to the cost slightly, but consider the bonus you get from this visual element. A few items you might consider: color-branded staplers, coffee cups, napkins, rulers, write-on boards, welcome mats, desk pads, mouse pads… you get the idea.

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