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Certain times of the year just beg for a sense of renewal – New Year’s Day, spring, Earth Day… you get the idea. And we know an invigorating array of promotional products to celebrate those occasions or to tie into any campaign with a message geared toward a “fresh” approach. Here are a few examples:

Plan a direct-mail piece to set the tone for the year. Inexpensive, lightweight items include perfumed sachets or scratch-and-sniff stickers. Your message: “We’ve got fresh ideas for your business this year.” Add a phone number or web site and you’ll be in sight and in mind by engaging multiple senses.

Leverage custom-shaped air fresheners to trigger desire. Just about any business can make this low-cost, high-visibility concept work as a mass giveaway or mailing enclosure. For example, a car-shaped air freshener infused with a “new car” scent sets the aura for automobile dealers or auto-detailers trying to stir car-owners’ yearning for the latest model or cleanest set of wheels. A tree-shaped, pine-scented freshener opens the door for clever copy such as, “Pining for lower prices?”

Show associates you care with scented gifts to refresh the soul. Give them a “Freshen Your Workday” kit. Include a scented candle, lavender-infused antibacterial gel, scented pen and herbal tea packets. The recipient will appreciate the gesture and become more productive as a result.

Make the most of promotional products with antibacterial properties. There are pens with antibacterial coatings, thin sleeves of scented paper-soap to keep in wallets or purses and antibacterial towelettes in logoed packets. A unique gift is aloe-plant stalks that can be planted by the recipient. Distributed in plastic imprinted wrap, this gift is truly refreshing and healing – not to mention perfect for a message of growth.

Whichever approach you choose, a creative twist on the concept of providing your target audience with fresh ideas is certain to generate curiosity among recipients. To talk about this idea, give us a call at 708-478-8222 or send us an e-mail!

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