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Americans wear t-shirts on average 5 out of 7 days of the week and typically own 20 from which to choose, according to a 2005 study by research firm MarketTools. So what makes a person grab one garment vs. another from his/her closet? While styling and fit influence choice, research has shown that the right logo and message can also be persuasive.

So here are a few tips to generate clever copy for your next promotional apparel campaign:

Use styling to spur creativity. A form-fitting t-shirt makes the perfect canvas for a product/service to claim it’s the “Right Fit for Success.”

Let color be your cue. An accountant, for example, might use a black t-shirt with the imprinted slogan, “Back in Black” and a corporate logo. An accompanying note card could explain how this firm keeps clients financially healthy and in the black.

Tap into the senses with fabric references. A soft cashmere tee or sweater connotes softness and luxury. Use language about comfort, care and prestige to make your point. Denim suggests rugged endurance, e.g. “Traditional Ideals, Durable Products.”

Think location. Chest- and back-position graphics make the perfect platform to tout, “Front-line Service…” and then, from behind, “Back-end Solutions.” This works well for any behind-the-scenes support company.

Go subtle. Companies with highly stylized logos or symbols may want to simply use that imagery as “jewelry” on a garment. One firm with a lovely symbol used it in the center of a women’s fitted tee, almost as if it were a pendant. The company name was then imprinted on the left-side, bottom hem.

There are as many ways to customize your promotional apparel as there are individual companies and brands. We’re here to help your corporate uniform or giveaway make its way to the front of the closet! For more information or ideas, call us at 708-478-8222, send us an e-mail or visit us online at

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P.S. You can highlight function, too. Imprint sandals with a sole reading, “In Step with Success” or proclaim on a muscle shirt, “Powered to Fuel Business.”


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