Wellness Programs

Recognizing & Rewarding Healthy Life Choices

Fitness Wellness programs are becoming the fastest growing HR initiative in the country. One of the challenges in creating/formalizing a wellness program is finding creative ways to introduce and continuously promote the program.

It should come as no surprise that healthy employees boost a company’s bottom line. They experience less sick time and take fewer disability days. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 75% of employers' health care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices.

Many wellness experts believe to actually improve the health of employees, companies must focus on long-term behavior change. "To get measurable results, businesses have to build around stages of change," says Leslie Nolen, president of The Radial Group. "That’s about the only thing that works. Most wellness programs are not effective because there’s a lack of real commitment."

To keep employees from bailing on health commitments, companies need to offer a program of gradual incentives. Consider a wellness plan that allows employees to accumulate points for reaching health milestones.

"Offering incentives increases participation at a minimum of 60%."
Source: Incentive Research Foundation

Gift Of Choice Rewards
Wellness Recognition Rewards that people choose for themselves.

Digital Rewards
Our "Fitness Download Cards" offers employees CHOICES once they've decided to get healthy.

Wellness Badge Holder
Recognize the steps employees take to being healthy ... in a visible way to inspire others!

Health & Wellness Products
These great products support a healthy lifestyle. Perfect "rewards" for participation!

Health & Wellness Awards
These products reward and ENCOURAGE a healthy lifestyle!

Wellness Engagement Advisor
Exercise becomes more enjoyable with music

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By The Numbers

$2.5 trillion
The amount the U.S. spends annually on health care.
Source: Department of Health and Human Services

The ROI of corporate wellness programs.
Source: Incentive Research Foundation

4 out of 5
Employees that will participate in a wellness program when incentives are offered